Starform Transfer Sheets

Starform Transfer Sheets (10x23 cm) are specially developed to transfer remaining negative parts of Starform Outline Stickers onto a workpiece in just one go.


The transfer sheets are made of transparent sticky film to which the sticker parts can be attached. Since the film is less sticky than the stickers, it releases the negative parts easily and therefore does not damage the workpiece.


Instructions Starform Transfer Sheet:

1. Cut out the Starform Transfer Sheet slightly
     larger than the sticker.

2. Remove the protective paper and stick the
     Starform Transfer Sheet onto the sticker.

3. Press the Starform Transfer Sheet down firmly so
     that it adheres to all parts of the sticker.

4. Peel away the whole sheet very carefully (starting
     at a sharp corner).

5. Stick this onto the surface of your piece of work.

6. Once again, very carefully remove the Starform
     Transfer Sheet starting at a sharp corner, so
     that the sticker parts remain behind.


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