Starform Transparent Stickers

Starform Transparent Stickers (10x23 cm) are made of transparent sticky film with a print of gold or silver foil. The collection contains various images, texts and geometric shapes.


Because the stickers are transparent, they take on
the colour of each desired background. Thus, you
can make endless variations with backgrounds in different colours and patterns.


Starform Stitch Design

The Starform Stitch Design embroidery stickers (10x23 cm) also belong to the Starform Transparent Stickers product group. These transparent stickers are printed with original patterns, which can be embroidered in different ways.


Method for embroidery stickers:

1. Stick the sticker onto coloured paper.

2. Pierce the holes of the embroidery pattern.

3. Attach the embroidery thread to the rear.

4. Embroider the pattern with the desired stitches.

5. Cut out the embroidered sticker.


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