Starform Permanent Markers

Starform Permanent Markers are ideal for colouring
on smooth surfaces and in particular for colouring Starform Stickers.


This way you can easily change gold or silver coloured Starform Outline Stickers into different metallic colours. Colouring on transparent stickers and transparent glitter stickers also offers many creative possibilities.


For example, you can create a stained glass effect by colouring in outline stickers on transparent plastic, or try colouring a sticker in a rainbow effect.


The marker set contains 10 coloured brush markers and 1 black precision marker.



Method for Starform Permanent Markers:

1. Colour the complete sticker and/or negative parts
     while these are still on the sticker sheet.

2. Leave the coloured stickers to dry (3 seconds).

3. Stick the sticker on the work-piece and press
     this down well.


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