Starform Books

Starform books give a unique overview of the creative possibilities of Starform Stickers, and are a great source of inspiration.


The books contain a selection of the most stunning cards from various well-known authors, as well as tutorials. All techniques used are explained in depth with an illustrated step-by-step plan.


The combination of many original ideas with instructions and visual overviews of the products used, make these books a handy reference material, helping you to get to work straight away!

Published Starform books:

Transparent Glitter Stickers 2 ISBN : 8717116023084
Party with Outline Stickers ISBN : 8717116023732
Doodle Design Stickers ISBN : 8717116018820
Maritime Outline Stickers ISBN : 8717116014976
Geometric Sticker Design ISBN : 8717116010688
Oriental Stickers ISBN : 8717116009460
Transparent Glitter Stickers ISBN : 8717116006162
Christmas with Outline Stickers ISBN : 8717116005837
Stitch Design ISBN : 8717116001037

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