Stickers with Encaustic

Encaustic is a technique which heats wax to the melting point. Using a preheated (encaustic) iron, you can create the most fantastic backgrounds on a card. One piece of paper with encaustic can be changed again and again. Every time you heat the wax, you can make alterations to your work. As soon as you stop heating it up, the wax hardens and the paper will be dry in a couple of seconds. You can create something unique every time that is perfect to use with stickers. Starform Outline Stickers and the Starform Transparent Stickers are particularly suitable for sticking onto Encaustic, cutting out and creating beautiful cards.

1. Put the wax onto the bottom of the preheated (encaustic) iron.
2. Spread the wax onto the encaustic card by moving the iron backwards and forwards.
3. When it has cooled down, polish the wax with a soft cloth to give it a shiny effect.
4. Stick the sticker onto the encaustic wax.
5. Cut out the sticker and stick it onto your piece of work.



Tip the iron to one side and drag towards you to create a relief effect.

Finish off the cut borders
You can finish off the borders of the sticker using a felt-tip pen in a matching colour.

The wax comes in lots of different colours, but have a go at mixing the colours.