Reverse technique

By using the negative parts, you use every bit of the sticker sheet. These are the parts left behind on the sheet when you peel off the sticker. You can use the separate parts but also try using the whole sticker sheet to create a beautiful background.

To transfer the negative parts you can use a Starform Transfer Sheet. This has been especially designed to transfer the stickers and/or negative parts to the piece of work in one go.

1. Cut the transfer sheet to the size you want.
2. Stick the transfer sheet onto the negative parts and press down firmly.
3. Peel off the sheet with the negative parts starting at one corner of the sticker sheet.
4. Place the negative parts on your piece of work and press down firmly once again.
5. Very carefully peel off the transfer sheet so that the negative parts are left behind.



Itís easy to inlay the large stickers in one go using a Starform Transfer Sheet.

For a fabulous glittering effect, you could stick the transfer sheet onto the card with the sticky side up and sprinkle it with loose glitter. The glitter adheres easily to the sticky surface.