Stickers in 3D

For a 3-dimensional effect you can use the 3D Design stickers which have been specially made to work in layers. The sticker sheets consist of one image together with all kinds of loose parts which you can use to build up the effect. The 3D design collection includes shirts, masks, ornaments and a complete selection of Christmas designs.

Many of the other sticker sheets are also suitable for working in 3D. On these sticker sheets you will see the same image repeated several times. By sticking on the image several times and then cutting out the parts you want to build up, you will create your own 3D image.

1. Stick the sticker and the parts you want to build up onto one or more pieces of coloured paper.
2. Cut out all of the stickers.
3. Stick the loose parts onto the first sticker using foam pads or 3D glue to create the 3D effect.



The geometric-shaped stickers are ideal for building up into 3D. You can create a pyramid by sticking the circles, ovals, squares or rectangles on top of each other, from small to large, using foam tape or 3D glue.