Stickers on transparent plastic sheet

With Starform Outline Stickers on a transparent plastic sheet you not only get a lovely stained glass effect but also lots of other transparent creations. For a summery effect, try colouring the stickers with brightly coloured Glaze 3D Rollers (on the front) or with glass paint (on the back). The stickers that you have coloured in look even better if you use a light-coloured paper for the background.

You could also try colouring the stickers on the back of the transparent sheet with coating colour, using Souffle Deco Rollers or Lyra Deco pens, for example. Try using a dark or coloured background. You could use this technique for transparent stickers, so that you give the various sections of the stickers a different colour.

1. Cut out part of the card and stick the transparent plastic sheet behind the opening.
2. Stick the stickers onto the transparent plastic sheet and press down firmly.
3. Colour in the stickers.



Transparent Glitter Stickers
Try sticking transparent glitter stickers onto the plastic sheet and colour in the background.

Doodle Design stickers
The curly Doodle Design stickers can sometimes be tricky to cut out. Itís easier if you stick the stickers on transparent plastic and then cut them out 2 mm away from the edges of the curls.