Making inlays

You can create beautiful cards by inlaying the Starform Outline Stickers with the negative parts. These are the parts of the sticker left behind on the sheet when the sticker has been peeled off. You can inlay sections of the stickers, or simply fill in the whole sticker. This way you can create the most beautiful effect by combining different colours. For example, try inlaying gold contour stickers with silver negative parts to make classic Christmas cards. In other words: there are many different creative ways to inlay stickers. You donít waste any part of the sticker sheet, because even the inside of the sticker is used!

1. Stick the sticker on to the base.
2. Peel off the negative parts of the sticker using a pricker or a small knife.
3. Inlay the negative parts into the contours of the sticker.



Transfer sheet
Use a Starform Transfer Sheet to inlay the negative parts in one go.

Colour effects
You can obtain a beautiful effect if you inlay the stickers with different colours.