Starform Stickermosaic (10x23 cm) is a series of Starform Outline Stickers with background trellises which come in 15 colours. By inlaying the trellises with the negative parts (small squares) you can create the most amazing patterns. For example you can make original borders, letters or any other (self-designed) pattern. Would you prefer to work from an example? Then go to our Ideas page. Use the Search menu to find lots of samples of the mosaic technique.

1. Trim the sticker trellis to the size you want.
2. Stick the sticker trellis onto the card.
3. Inlay the trellis with the small squares (negative parts) in different colours.



Embroidery patterns
You can also use cross-stitch embroidery to make a sticker mosaic.

The Starform Stickermosaic series comes in 15 colours. If you want to make a metallic sticker mosaic, use gold or silver trellises with Starform Permanent Markers.

The trellises also make an ideal background for your card.

Embroider a Sticker mosaic
Try embroidering the trellises with stocking stitch.