Stickers on parchment

Starform Outline Stickers that have been affixed to parchment can be worked with various Pergamano techniques. The most popular technique is to emboss (part of) the sticker (chase) using a chasing pen or an embossing tool.

1. Stick the sticker onto parchment and place this upside down on an embossing mat or a pricking mat.
2. Work on the back of the sticker with a chasing pen or an embossing tool until the parchment is white and puffed-out.
3. Cut or prick out the sticker and stick it onto the card.



You could also try perforating (a section of) a sticker on parchment using a pricker and a Pergamano grid.

Colouring in
Itís really simple to colour in stickers on parchment using felt-tip pens for example, or Glaze and Souffle Rollers and/or crayons.

Tearing parchment gives a really nice effect. You could stick borders round the torn off pieces of parchment or tear around the sticker.

Coloured parchment
Parchment comes in various plain colours and designs. Each colour or pattern gives the sticker a different look.