Embroider stickers

Starform Stitch Design is part of the Starform Transparent Stickers and Starform Transparent Glitter Stickers collection. These stickers consist of original pre-printed embroidery patterns that you can sew in many different ways. This means that you no longer need any patterns: you can get right down to it!

The Stitch Design collection features of a good selection of designs with illustrations including: dresses, bags, corsets, numbers and letters, complete with various borders and corners which will give the perfect finish to your card.

By experimenting with different coloured papers, silks and stitches, you can create an original card every time. Both beginners and experienced embroiderers will have hours of pleasure with these stickers.

1. Stick the sticker onto coloured paper.
2. Pierce the holes of the embroidery pattern.
3. Cut out the embroidered sticker.
4. Attach the embroidery thread to the rear.
5. Embroider the pattern with the desired stitches.




Adding beads will give that extra touch.

Creating your own patterns

Are you an experienced embroidery fan? Try making your own pattern on the sticker. The variations are endless.

Multi-coloured paper

Stick multi-coloured paper behind the sticker for a colourful effect.

Contrasting colours

The embroidery stitches look wonderful if you use contrasting colours for the base and for the embroidery silks.