These pages will show you the various techniques you can use with Starform Stickers. We use a step-by-step plan to explain all of the techniques. You will also find tips that will encourage you to be even more creative.

Have you ever tried using stickers in 3D, or with embroidery, or sticking them on to or inlaying them in transparent plastic? And thatís not all. Take a look at all the different techniques and let them inspire you to make even more spectacular creations!

Looking for examples? Use the Search Menu on the Ideas page to find samples of all of the techniques.


Techniques with Starform Stickers:



Embroider stickers






Making inlays



Stickers on parchment



Colouring/ filling in Stickers



Cut away technique



Stickers in 3D



Reverse technique



Stickers with Encaustic



Stickers on transparent plastic sheet